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Attract More Customers By Creating Irresistible Personalized Dynamic Offers Discount Coupons Viral Giveaways Prize Rewards Sweepstakes
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Let AI Create Offers That Attract Buyers, Grab Their Emails, Find Out
What They Are Most Likely To Buy, And Sell It To Them!

✅ No Technical Skills Needed | ✅ 100% Newbie Friendly Solution | ✅ Works For Every Niche

Boost Conversions And Sales For Any Niche By Upto 428%

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Works With All Major Website & Landing Page Builders…

With AiOffers, Create Any Type Of Offer Campaign
In Seconds & Attract Buyers Instantly

Create Personalized Offers

Give Personalized Discounts

Run Viral Giveaway Campaigns

Run Reward Contest

Run Sweepstake Contest

Create Lead Harvestor Campaigns

Create Sales Generation Campaigns

Get Actionable Customer Insights

Start Lead Generation Agency Business


Create Personalized Offer's That

Consistently Fill Up Your Marketing Funnel With
Thousands Of New Qualified Customers!

Create Offers That Sell Themselves

AI creates any type of offer campaign in seconds that attracts visitors, grabs their email, finds out what they are most likely to buy, and sells it to them.

Craft Offers That Click

Attract new customers with intent based personalized offers. Deliver real-time, personalized promotions tailored to each shopper's interests and behaviors.

Smart Prediction Engine

Uncover your shoppers’ intent by leveraging AI and smart logic branching technology. Understand what your buyers are looking for even before they purchase.

Drive Retention And Loyalty

Create offers that not only attract new customers but also bring back repeat purchases and drive long-term value. Design promotions that build your brand loyalty.

Boost Sales And Conversions

Use smart offers to target shoppers who are on the fence. Give them just the right incentive to turn interest into a purchase, boosting your conversion rates effectively.

Connect, Engage And Convert

Create any type of promotion offers from discounts, reward, giveaways and sweepstake campaigns in seconds, that connect with your audience, engage them and converts.

Drive FREE Viral Traffic

Create viral giveaway campaigns that attract visitors and organically drive free viral traffic from social networking sites without any paid ads.

Get Actionable Customer Data

Get valuable customer insights, know what your target audience is looking for, and pitch the right product as per their needs. Don’t work blindly, work smartly with actionable customer data.

Save On Promotion Costs

Save your budget by offering minimal or no discounts to shoppers who are likely to buy anyway. This strategy helps you maintain healthy margins while still driving sales.


Guess What…


Create Intent-Driven Personalized
Dynamic Offers Discount Coupons Viral Giveaways Rewards Sweepstakes
Campaigns Using AI

YES, In just 3 steps, uncover your shoppers’ intent and deliver personalized promotions
for every shopper in real-time without any guesswork.


Entrepreneurs & Marketers Are
In ❤️ With AiOffers!

Here’s what our happy customers are saying about the AiOffers App

I was struggling to diversify my campaign strategies. AiOffers' Dynamic Offer Builder allowed me to tailor campaigns with unprecedented precision, leading to a notable increase in client engagement. The Easy Integration feature made it a breeze to work across various platforms, enhancing our overall efficiency.

Max J. (Founder @ Digital Marketing Agency)

In affiliate marketing, customization is key. AiOffers' Smart Logic Branching helped me design highly personalized offers, resulting in a dramatic increase in click-through and conversion rates. Its Comprehensive Analytics was invaluable in fine-tuning my strategies for maximum ROI.

Rohan Chaudhari (Affiliate Marketer)

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Do you know in 2024
Business Owners And Marketers Are In a Big Worry!

(Source: HubSpot)

Why 82% Of The World’s Websites
Are Inactive?

As per a recent study, it has been found that over 50% of businesses fail
within the first 5 years of starting.

There are mainly

4 Important Reasons

that lead to shutting down a business and websites being inactive.

Reason #1

Many small businesses lack time, money , and resources , which are much needed for generating traffic, leads, and sales online.

Reason #2

61% of business owners and marketers struggle to generate online traffic, leads, and sales.

Reason #3

Over 20% of small businesses fail due to rising competition with well-funded big companies that offer similar products at lower prices, attracting more customers.

Reason #4

They still use outdated lead generation optin forms, contact forms , and popups , which have around 81% abandonment rate.

What if there was a solution that would help businesses keep running and
generating sales 24*7 from their websites without any hassle?


Well, Its Your Lucky Day! We’ve Got A Tried - Tested - Proven Solution

That Boost Conversions And Sales By Upto 428%.

The World’s Easiest And Most Powerful Solution

That Delivers Quick Results Without Burning Your Pockets Is “Running Offer Campaigns.”

We are not kidding! People LOVE offers, and they are always looking for the BEST offers they can get.
EVERYONE loves Discounts, Coupons, Giveaways, Scratchcards, or anything that is FREE.

Don’t believe us?

Take A Look At These Mind-Blowing Facts!

  • Digital coupon market was worth over $4.67 million in 2020. The amount is expected to surpass $29.7 Billion by the end of 2031,

  • An average of over 34% of new customers are acquired through offer campaigns like Discounts, Sweepstakes, Giveaways etc.

  • Brands gain an average of 17500 fans through organizing these offer campaigns on their fan page.

  • Women are 53% more likely to participate in online sweepstakes than men.

  • 94% of people use coupons, and 38% buy more than they intended because of a coupon.

  • 83% of frequent coupon shoppers say coupons affect their purchasing behavior.

  • Over 19 million US social media users follow coupon and rebate sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , and TikTok .


In Fact, The Moment We Started Using Offers,

Check out our results below…

You Tell Us,
Which Website Would You Engage More?

A Website With A Boring Contact Form Without Any Offer On It

A Website With An Irresistible Personalized Offer That Rewards Users

That’s right, you’d respond to the offers
page every time!

But Why Do Running Offers Work So Well?

Because Running Offer Campaigns Have More BENEFITS Than You Can Imagine!


No Wonder Even BIG Brands Run Offer
Campaigns And Generate Millions In Sales



🤩 Nike sales increased by 75% over the last year during Black Friday & Cyber Monday period.


🤩 Hostinger's revenue grew by 64% to €69.6 million.


🤩 Over billion items ordered on Amazon between Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023, leading to massive jump in sales over last year.


🤩 25% increase in conversions with smart personalized discounts.

Just Imagine, If You Can Also Create Offer Campaigns Like Big Brands Do And Boost Sales By 4x!

But Wait…


  • Learn Coding:It's like learning a whole new language just to make an offer on your website – not easy for beginners!

  • Learn Designing: You need eye-catching banner designs for displaying your offers. If you're not a natural artist, and this can be a real headache and time-consuming.

  • Buy Expensive Tools: Face the burden of hefty monthly fees for offer creation tools that often lack crucial features and don’t give results.

  • Steep Learning Curve: Have you ever tried using those complex offer campaign creation tools? They're so hard to figure out, and who has time for that?

  • Lack of Offer Personalization: Many tools fail to offer intent-based personalization, leading to lower conversions as they can't predict shopper's buying intent.

  • Lack of Tracking and Analytics: Ever feel in the dark? Without smart tracking and testing, you’re missing key info about what your buyers like.

  • Absence of Customer Segmentation: Ever wished you could target offers better? Many tools don't segment customers, making your offers hit or miss and impact sales.

  • The Outsourcing Expense: Thinking of hiring an agency or freelancer for this job? Be ready for a big bill and a long wait for just one offer campaign.

What If There Was


Hey,👋 Harshal here with my partner Vishal...

Prepare to leave your 'offer campaign blues' behind with our innovative solution.

It simplifies complexities, reduces costs, and becomes indispensable for your business.



World's First AI App That Creates Intent-Driven Personalized
Offers In 45 Seconds,
Which Sparks A Buying Frenzy And
Boost Sales By Upto 428%

Now You Can Create Offer Campaigns That Sell Themselves!.

Create Personalized Offers

Give Personalized Discounts

Run Viral Giveaway Campaigns

Run Reward Contest

Run Sweepstake Contest

Create Lead Harvestor Campaigns

Create Sales Generation Campaigns

Get Actionable Customer Insights

Start Lead Generation Agency Business

Creating An Interactive Offer Campaign
Has Never Been So Easy, Until NOW!

AI Creates Intent-Based Personalized Offer Campaigns


Watch How Easily You Can

Attract Buyers, Build A Highly Targeted Buyer’s List,

Find Out What They Are Most Likely To Buy, And
Sell It To Them!

Watch AiOffers Product Demo

Special One-Time AiOffers Deal


Normally: $297/Year

Today: Only 1-Time Small Payment


Here’s What
Happy Customers Say About AiOffers

We leveraged AiOffers' Segmentation and Targeting to offer specialized dental care discounts. This resulted in a doubling of our patient appointments. The platform’s Lead Capture feature was instrumental in nurturing these new client relationships.

Dr. Nahush Sanap (Dental clinic)

Selling courses online was made much simpler with AiOffers. The Dynamic Offer Builder and Smart Logic Branching allowed me to create tailored offers, leading to a significant increase in enrollments. The ability to personalize based on visitor behavior was key.

Jacinta P (Online coach)

Check Out This Amazing Case Study

Case Study #1:

Illuminati Jeans & Sneakers Increases Conversion Rate By 257% With Intent-Based Offers In 7 Days.

  • Illuminati Jeans & Sneakers is one of the fastest-growing custom sneaker sellers in India. They have an ecommerce store offering a wide range of sneakers. The D2C team at ABC was aware that using promotions to increase sales was necessary. However, they were struggling to run profitable offer campaigns due to several challenges.
  • Challenges: They were using generic discount strategies that didn't account for individual customer intent or interest.
  • They were giving site-wide discounts to every visitor. In this case, they were also giving discounts to those few shoppers who would have bought the product even without the discount. That led to lost profit margins.
  • Plus, the in-house team lacked the technical skills needed to code personalized offers for each user, leading to lower sales and lower profit margins for them.
  • Solution: The marketing team at ABC was looking for an Intent-Based Promotion solution that could boost their conversions and improve their profit margins.
  • They came across the AiOffers solution, which helped them create Intent-Driven Personalized Offers for every site visitor.
  • AiOffers helped them identify each shopper's intent in real-time, allowing them to serve offers only to those who needed them, thereby increasing revenue and saving margins by reducing discount costs.
  • Result: ABC’s conversion rate increased by 257% in only 7 days by implementing an intent-driven personalized offer solution on their e-commerce site. Their profit margins grew by 27% using AiOffers.
  • The best part is that they did not have to spend a fortune on our tool or go through a steep learning curve to use it.

AiOffers Create ANY Type of Offer Campaigns
Suitable for ANY Niche in Seconds!

Experience the power of customization like never before – 
Turn every visitor's casual browsing into targeted shopping sprees!

Discount Coupon

Instant Savings - The Discount Coupon campaign entices customers with irresistible discounts personalized to their interests. This campaign is perfect for boosting immediate sales and enticing new customers. It's a win-win, giving customers great deals while increasing your revenue.

Viral Giveaway

Spread the Word - Our Viral Giveaway campaign encourages customers to share your brand with friends for a chance to win exciting rewards. This not only increases brand visibility but also builds a community around your products, driving both engagement and new customer acquisition.

Rewards Contests

Engage and Reward - With Rewards Contests, incentivize your customers by offering them a chance to win attractive prizes in exchange for engagement. These contests are designed to boost interaction, encourage customer loyalty, and increase brand affinity, making them an excellent tool for deepening customer relationships.

Sweepstake Campaigns

Win Big with Engagement - Sweepstake Campaigns create excitement and draw participation by offering substantial prizes. They're fantastic for increasing brand exposure, collecting valuable data, and driving traffic. This approach is especially effective for reaching a wide audience and creating a buzz around your brand.

Product Recommendation

Personalized Suggestions - Tailor your customer's shopping experience with Product Recommendation campaigns. By understanding their preferences and behavior, AiOffers suggests products they'll love, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Lead Harvester

Grow Your Audience - The Lead Harvester campaign is designed to gather valuable customer information, like emails in exchange for engaging content or offers. It's ideal for growing your mailing list and nurturing leads, setting the stage for future sales and long-term relationships.

Sales Generator

Drive Conversions - The Sales Generator campaign is all about converting interest into sales. By presenting targeted offers and products based on customer responses, it not only increases the chances of a sale but also ensures that customers feel understood and valued.

Profit Fast With Our High-Converting
Done-For-You Campaigns
That Work For ANY Niche!

AiOffers Is Loaded With Powerful Features That Will..

..Build A Highly Profitable Buyer's List Super Fast
And Make More Sales For You!

Ready-Made Offer Templates

Access a wide range of professionally designed templates, perfect for various niches and campaigns, simplifying the process of creating appealing offers.


Done-For-You Offer Campaigns

Launch effective campaigns quickly with customizable pre-built offers to match your brand and audience needs, ensuring a fast and efficient setup.


AI Offer Text Generator

AI writes compelling offer content that help you turn strangers into customers. Simply add your ChatGPT API key, give a command and our AI-powered text writer will write an engaging offer text for you in a flash.


Easy Website Integration

Works With Every Website Builder & Landing Page Builder Apps.

Seamlessly integrate your offer campaigns into any website or landing page by copy-pasting one line of code inside your webpage. No matter on which platform you built your website or what technology do you use, you can embed and showcase offer campaigns by copy-pasting one line of code inside your webpage.

Plus, you can showcase your offers on any user event such as:

Time Delay, Pop-up, Scroll Bar, Exit Pop-up and Lightbox etc.


Dynamic Offer Builder

Show specific offers or product suggestions based on people’s responses… and watch your sales go through the roof!

With our proprietary logic branching  technology craft personalized offers based on customer responses and behavior, ensuring higher relevance and engagement.


Engagement Booster Elements

Attract More Customers & Boost Engagement With Offer Engagement Enhancers

Add engaging elements like timers, background music, progress tracking bars, emojis, stickers, sound effects and more to your offer campaign that grab more eyeballs, and boost engagement.


Supports Multiple App Integrations

AiOffers is pre-configured to connect with various third-party applications such as website builders, autoresponders, social media platforms and more…

Our multiple app integration makes it suitable for every user, no matter in what industry you work and what tasks you perform.

AiOffers works smoothly within your existing marketing ecosystem, making it a perfectly suitable product for every niche.


Responsive Offer Designs

AiOffers comes loaded with responsive offer templates that lets you create offer campaigns which not only looks amazing but also works perfectly on any device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop).


GDPR Compliant Lead Generation

With AiOffers you can create GDPR Compliant offer campaigns in seconds. Stay protected with a built-in checkbox for GDPR which allows you to collect leads safely. Boost engagement and optins by reassuring people about their Data is protected.


Wait, There Are More Amazing Features

Lead Capture at Every Stage

Strategically gather customer information throughout the offer campaign interaction, enhancing your database for future marketing efforts.

Segmentation and Targeting

Classify and segment leads based on their responses, enabling more focused and effective marketing strategies.

Comprehensive Analytics

Detailed analytics provide deep insights into campaign performance, helping to refine strategies for better results.

Social Sharing Capabilities

Facilitate easy sharing of offers on social media platforms, extending campaign reach and engagement.

URL Redirect

Send your audience to different URLs depending on their offers. Redirect them to your Website, Sales Page, Affiliate Offer and more.

Commercial License Included

Utilize AiOffers for client projects, offering comprehensive offer campaign creation and management services.

EFFECTIVENESS for businesses of all sizes.

All These Amazing Features Make

AiOffers A ‘Must Have’ Tool For…

E-Commerce & Retail

Online stores can use AiOffers to create personalized discount campaigns, boosting sales and customer retention.

Education and E-Learning

Educational platforms and tutors can offer customized course bundles or discounts on learning materials.

Digital Marketing Services

Agencies can use AiOffers to attract businesses with personalized service packages or consultations.

Software Product Creators

Use AiOffers to promote new software releases or updates with personalized discount offers, enhancing user acquisition and upgrades.

Info Products Creators

Leverage AiOffers to dynamically present the most relevant e-books, courses, or webinars to visitors based on their interests.

Coaches & Course Creators

Utilize AiOffers to offer personalized coaching packages or course bundles, catering to the specific needs and goals of each learner..

Affiliate Marketers

Implement AiOffers to recommend products that align with the visitor's preferences, increasing click-through rates and commissions.

Bloggers & Content Creators

Employ AiOffers to promote exclusive content, memberships, or merchandise tailored to the interests of the blog's audience.

Coupon & Online Deal Sites

Use AiOffers to showcase the most relevant deals or discount codes to visitors, increasing the likelihood of them taking advantage of the offers.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can leverage offers to attract potential buyers or sellers, providing personalized property recommendations.

Health and Wellness

Fitness coaches, nutritionists, and wellness brands can use AiOffers to promote personalized health plans or product bundles.

Restaurants and Food Services

These businesses can use AiOffers to promote personalized dining deals or special menu items.

Fashion and Apparel Sellers

Fashion retailers can offer personalized discounts based on customer style preferences or previous purchase history.

Travel and Tourism Agency

Travel agencies can create enticing, personalized travel deals and packages based on customer preferences.

Beauty and Personal Care

Brands can promote tailored product bundles or exclusive offers based on customer beauty preferences.

AiOffers is perfectly SUITABLE for EVERY niche on this planet!

Each of these niches can benefit significantly from AiOffers' ability to create targeted,
personalized promotions, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Unlock Endless Earning Potential with
AiOffers Commercial License!

This is your golden ticket to establishing a profitable agency business,
where the opportunities to earn are as vast as your ambition.

What AiOffers Commercial License Unlocks for You?

Tap Into Tons Of Desperate Buyers Looking For
Leads & Sales Generation Services With AiOffers!

Business owners and marketers are urgently seeking experts to run profitable offer campaigns – professionals who can generate leads and sales cost-effectively. They are ready to pay anything for these services.

With AiOffers Commercial License, You Can…

AiOffers Gives You EVERYTHING To Start - Run - Grow
Your Business

With AiOffers In Your Arsenal

You Don’t Need To

  • No need to give away free content that nobody wants to read!

  • No need to spend tons of bucks on webinars that people don’t register for!

  • No need to offer lead magnets that don’t boost optins.

  • No need to invest in push marketing methods like Paid Ads, SEO etc.

Time and again, it's been proven that offers are the most powerful method for building an email list across any niche.

Not just any list, but a highly engaged list that will buy from you like crazy!

STOP Using Old Lead Gen

Opt-In Forms, Popups, Webinar.
Use Smart Offers - The FUTURE of Sales Generation


Transform Your Business with
AI-Driven, Personalized Offer Campaigns
that Engage and Convert

There's a reason why personalized offers are revolutionizing list-building
and sales today - They're incredibly effective.


You do't know anything about running offers.

Select from a variety of ready-made, niche-specific offer templates. Customize the look, insert your links, and publish them on your website in seconds! All the design and technical work is already done for you. Want to level up? Our Quick Start Training guides you in crafting offers that maximize leads and profits fast!


Struggling to Drive Traffic, Leads and Sales.

Boost your site's traffic effortlessly with AiOffers’ dual-power: personalized offers and viral giveaways. Our platform allows you to create enticing giveaways that naturally encourage sharing. As users engage with these giveaways, they'll spread the word to their networks, creating a viral effect. Initiate the buzz by sharing your campaigns on social media or forums, and watch as the viral traffic grows, all without spending a dime on ads. This blend of personalized offers and viral giveaways is a surefire way to increase visibility and attract more visitors to your site and turn visitors into leads and sales.


Limited Starting Capital

Don't worry. AiOffers is available for a low one-time fee during the early bird launch period. With AiOffers, you can instantly build a highly targeted list to promote your products, affiliate offers, or even sell leads to hungry buyers. No need for hefty advertising budgets. Simply share your offers on social media, forums, or within your content, and let the organic, viral traffic do its magic. Plus, AiOffers come with a limited-time Commercial License, allowing you to start selling offer campaigns to your customers and profit fast.


Not an Established Expert in Your Field

You don’t need to be a well-known authority to make effective offers. People are drawn to personalized deals and will readily provide their information for something that caters to their interests. Then, it’s all about leveraging these leads to promote products, sell the information, or collaborate with other businesses. AiOffers works for any niche no matter you’ve an established brand or not.

Now You Decide

Which Side You Want To Be On
Wait, here’s the BEST part…

Get These Amazing
Fast-Action Bonuses Worth $7,947

Only If You Buy AiOffers Today!


Pro Access to VidPresent
(Real World Value: $497)

  • Video Presentation Software
  • Get Access to Pro Video Presentation software where you can build video presentations without remembering any script, without showing your face
  • VidPresent Lets you showcase face as well as Important Information such as Images, Slides to Viewers in one frame. So you can easily build informational videos or presentation videos for your niche.


Whitelable Rights to Leadlock
(Real World Value: $997)

  • Top Lead Generation software with Whitelable Rights.
  • Leadlock is Top Lead Generation app by Using 'Value-First' Approach. Using this cloud based app, you can lock any document and Generate leads for your business. e.g. You can lock the 3rd Page so that you deliver value on first 2 pages and then lock the 3rd page to continue viewing the important documents.
  • Doesnt require any Tech skills, connects with all top Autoresponders to push the leads to.


Whitelable Text to Speech Software
(Real World Value: $497)

  • Turn any text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create various media content such as audio books, Podcasts, voice contents
  • This Text-to-Speech (TTS) service uses advanced deep learning technologies of leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud to synthesize natural sounding human speech, you can register with any one of them or with all of them at once.
  • Whitelable license so keep what you sell.
Still not sure about AiOffers?

Try AiOffers For 30 Days Without Any Risk!

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AiOffers has been consistently delivering results to thousands of customers.

  • People worldwide love AiOffersbecause Aioffers…
  • Works for every niche.
  • Fits all business models
  • Easy for anyone, no matter your experience.
  • Builds highly targeted buyer's list.
  • Boosts conversions and sales instantly.
Let's Recap

Here's Everything
You Are Getting With AiOffers

AiOffers App

AI creates intent-driven personalized offers in under 45 seconds that attract customers, grab their email, find out what they have been looking for, and sell it to them.

Commercial License

A limited-time commercial license that allows you to create and sell offer campaigns to hungry customers and charge them top dollars. It's your golden ticket to starting 6 figure agency business.

Fast-Action Bonuses

Access exclusive digital marketing tools worth $7,947 for FREE! Use these bonuses with AiOffers to grow your business online quickly without paying a fortune on customer acquisition.

Training Kit

Includes step-by-step training where we walk you through AiOffers app features. Our hands-on training will help you create and deploy your 1st offer campaign in seconds.

Here Is The BEST Part!
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“AiOffers App + Commercial Rights To
AiOffers + Training Kit + Fast-Action Bonuses”

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  • Personalized Offer Creator App

  • Discount Coupon Campaign Creator

  • Viral Giveaway Campaign Creator

  • Sweepstake Campaign Creator

  • Reward Contest Creator

  • Product Recommendation Engine

  • Lead Harvestor Campaign Creator

  • Sales Generator Campaign Creator

  • Offer Funnel Mindmap Designer

  • Easy Website Integration

  • Dynamic Offer Builder

  • Offer Engagement Enhancers

  • Supports Multiple App Integrations

  • Lead Capture at Every Stage

  • Lead Segmentation and Targeting

  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reports

  • Social Sharing Capabilities

  • 1 Website License Pack

  • Add Branding Elements (Logo, Watermark)

  • Ready-Made Offer Templates

  • Done-For-You Offer Campaigns

  • Commercial License Included

  • Quick-Start Training Guide

  • Bonus #1: Pro Access to VidPresent

  • Bonus #2: Whitelable Access to LeadLock

  • Bonus #3: Whitelable Text to Speech

Regular Retail Price- $197

AIOffers Basic


  • Personalized Offer Creator App

  • Discount Coupon Campaign Creator

  • Viral Giveaway Campaign Creator

  • Sweepstake Campaign Creator

  • Reward Contest Creator

  • Product Recommendation Engine

  • Lead Harvestor Campaign Creator

  • Sales Generator Campaign Creator

  • Offer Funnel Mindmap Designer

  • Easy Website Integration

  • Dynamic Offer Builder

  • Offer Engagement Enhancers

  • Supports Multiple App Integrations

  • Lead Capture at Every Stage

  • Lead Segmentation and Targeting

  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reports

  • Social Sharing Capabilities

  • 3 Website License Pack

  • Add Branding Elements (Logo, Watermark)

  • Ready-Made Offer Templates

  • Done-For-You Offer Campaigns

  • Commercial License Included

  • Quick-Start Training Guide

  • Bonus #1: Pro Access to VidPresent

  • Bonus #2: Whitelable access to Leadlock

  • Bonus #3: Whitelable Text To Speech

Regular Retail Price- $297

AIOffers Commercial

🔥98% of Customers Choose This🔥
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Choose AiOffers: Where Assurance
Meets Excellence

You might wonder, "Will AiOffers really work for me?"


No Wonder Over 5,600+ Customers
Are Using AiOffers

Everyone is in love with our amazing app and getting results

Managing e-commerce promotions was challenging. The Readymade Offer Templates and Auto-Scheduling features of AiOffers streamlined our promotional activities, leading to a 120% increase in sales. The analytics provided crucial insights for campaign optimization.

Steve Murry (Ecom Store Owner)

As a fitness brand, we needed to stand out. The Customizable Templates and Social Sharing Features in AiOffers helped us launch unique fitness campaigns, resulting in a 60% rise in memberships. The tool’s user-friendly interface made campaign management incredibly easy.

Jayashri Patil (Health & Fitness Coach)

Our legal firm faced challenges in getting new clients. We ran a Lead Harvester campaign using AiOffers app. With the help of Smart Logic Branching feature, we were able to offer tailored legal consulting services to over 58 new customers that we acquired in only 18 days. We’ve got 70% increase in client consultations.

Matthew Fox (Legal Adviser)

Here's What Our Channel Partners Are
Saying About Us

Vishal is an exceptional JV Manager and a specialist in finalizing affiliate agreements. He consistently devises top-performing affiliate offers that convert easily, enabling anyone to earn effortless four-figure affiliate commissions. Furthermore, his team delivers outstanding customer support alongside their high-quality products.


Harshal is a top notch product creator and his products has always converted for us. Along with solid products, his team has provided excellent support to our customers.

Rohit Shah

CEO, CommerceMojo

Harshal is one of the most committed product creators around. He have a great technical team and a lot of dedication to his craft. I've promoted a lot of his products and always made good commissions. Good partner to work with

Cyril Gupta

CEO, Teknikforce

Wasting Time, Efforts, And Money Generating Leads And Sales The Hard Way!

Effortlessly Grow Your Business Without the Hassle!

Imagine boosting your leads and sales simply by integrating a single line of code from
AiOffers into your website. Now, it's not just possible; it's a reality!

There's nothing more effective than personalized offers for growing your customer base:

  • No more giving away free content that fails to engage.

  • Eliminate spending on webinars with low registration.

  • Forget about lead magnets that don't improve your opt-in rates.

  • Say goodbye to frustrating tech hurdles.

  • Remove the hassle of third-party branding.

  • Avoid steep learning curves and complex systems.

  • No need for expensive experts or designers.

  • No more limitations that put a brake on your business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is AiOffers beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! The AiOffers app is designed with ease of use in mind. No technical or design skills are required. Even if you're new to this, you can create your first Offer Campaign in just a few clicks, under 5 minutes. We also provide a tutorial video to help you set up your first campaign effortlessly.

Q. How do I create effective offer campaigns with AiOffers?

AiOffers comes loaded with Done-For-You Offer Campaigns. Simply select the most suitable campaign from the dashboard, customize it to your needs, and go live instantly. Plus, with your Commercial License, you get access to our step-by-step training guide, teaching you how to create compelling offers that resonate with your audience.

Q. Do you offer support and training?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and training. You can find our support link at the bottom of this page. Our team is dedicated to assisting you 24/7.

Q. Does AiOffers work on MacOS or Windows OS?

AiOffers is a cloud-based SaaS app, so there’s no installation required. Just log into your online AiOffers account from any device and start creating campaigns.

Q. Does AiOffers work on any website and niche?

Yes, AiOffers is compatible with any website, whether it’s WordPress, PHP, or others. You can even share your offer campaign URL on social media to generate viral traffic and leads. And yes, AiOffers is effective across all niches, including E-Commerce, Health and Fitness, Local Businesses, Automobiles, Digital Marketing Services, Education and Training, and more.

Q. How is AiOffers better than other lead generation tools?

AiOffers features an intelligent Logic Branching Technology, enabling you to present the most relevant offers based on customer responses. It allows for precise audience segmentation and comes packed with powerful features for effective lead generation. The best part? All these incredible features are available for a one-time price - no recurring monthly fees.

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